A Chipped Tooth Is Not Just a Cosmetic Concern

chipped-toothA chipped tooth can be caused from playing hockey or eating hard candy. A small chip might seem insignificant, but it can lead to infection and incredible pain. The chip can expose nerve endings; you can develop deep cavities in the tooth, eventually leading to its loss. A root canal maybe a solution, but by addressing a chipped tooth right away you can avoid future difficulty.

When any injury has occurred in your mouth, it’s best to see a professional dentist in Etobicoke immediately. Chipped teeth usually can be fixed with a small procedure similar to a filling or cap. This procedure is generally pain-free, quick, and relatively inexpensive. In some instances, the dentist may determine that the chip is minor and can be left alone. Another easy outcome is that the doctor will only need to file down part of the rest of the tooth to even it out and prevent damage to your cheeks.

By taking good care of your teeth, you can avoid chipping. Avoid eating certain candies or biting down on hard substances. If you have a tendency to grind your teeth, your dentist will see the signs and recommend you be fitted for a guard. While mouth guards are imperative for certain athletes and workers, many of us also benefit from wearing a different type of guard to bed (if we grind, stress, and damage our teeth while asleep). This is called a night guard.

By brushing and flossing regularly, you can  help keep your teeth strong and healthy. However, frequent visits to an experienced dental team is your best bet for oral health.

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