Detrimental Dental Myths: Tooth Fillings

dental filling

It’s best to have cavities filled when they are initially discovered. This crucial procedure repairs a decaying tooth, preventing serious dental complications and eliminating the need for root canal or surgery. However, there are many myths about fillings that may make people avoid or delay undergoing treatment.

Here are a few common myths surrounding tooth fillings:

It’s painful

Before the procedure, the dentist will numb the gums and surrounding tissue using anesthesia to avoid patient discomfort while treating affected tooth. Allowing a tooth to decay is ultimately more painful and expensive.

It’s only required if you’re experiencing pain

A toothache may be the most common sign that a cavity is present, but the absence of pain does not mean that all teeth are healthy. Mild tooth decay does not always cause pain or have noticeable symptoms. Left untreated, tooth decay can worsen and lead to further dental complications. Pain is usually felt when damage has reached the nerve of the tooth. It’s recommended to get regular dental checkups so that any necessary fillings can be performed before this occurs.

The filled tooth will look bad

More patients prefer white or enamel-coloured composite fillings that match the colour of the tooth. This natural-looking option can bond easily to the tooth, requiring less removal of the affected tooth’s overall structure.

Tooth fillings cause health problems

There is some controversy regarding potential health risks with amalgams, a type of tooth filling that is composed of a mercury alloy or other type of metal.According to the Canadian Dental Association, scientific studies have not verified that amalgams cause any form of illness, and there is no current restriction on dental amalgams in Canada. Due to some of these concerns, however, the majority of dentists opt to use composite or porcelain filling material.

Having a dentist you trust to detect and repair cavities is vital for maintaining good oral health and avoiding dental complications. Dr. Mark Rhody Dentistry offers a variety of dental restoration services in Toronto, including fillings, crowns, and dental bridges.Call us today at (416) 231-4281.

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