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No one ever expects to need an Etobicoke emergency dentist. Something that seemed like a minor annoyance that will go away can suddenly erupt into major pain, swelling, or a broken/cracked tooth. When this happens, you want help right away.

emergency dentist in etobicoke

Hospital Care
For immediate help from an Etobicoke emergency dentist, call our office at (416) 231-4281. We’ll accommodate you as quickly as possible, alleviate your pain, and discuss treatment plans for your issue(s).

Heading to the emergency room is not necessarily your greatest option. It’s always ideal to talk to a dental professional first, because most “emerg” isn’t capable of handling a dental emergency. They can treat pain, but they’ll still send you to the dentist. Of course, if the emergency is life threatening, hospital is the place to be – but if it solely concerns your teeth and gums, you need proper oral care.

Common Emergencies
Even though some tooth pain and sensitivity will pass, significant tooth pain should not and cannot be ignored. A number of serious conditions could be the cause. Here are frequent reasons why patients seek the care of an Etobicoke emergency dentist:

● Gum Disease
● Cavities
● Tooth abscess
● Exposed roots
● Impacted teeth
● Chipped/fractured teeth
● Lost teeth
● Broken/lost crown
● Injury to gums or palate

If any of these conditions are present, a professional Etobicoke emergency dentist will want to treat them promptly and prevent further damage to teeth and avoid spread of infection.

Please call Dr. Mark Rhody Dentistry at (416) 231-4281 right away if you have a problem. We want to help you as quickly as possible and alleviate pain and future problems. We offer service in English, Italian, Latvian and Portuguese.