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Your Experienced Etobicoke Sedation Dentist

Many people suffer from anxiety and worry when they visit the dentist. Children, in particular, sometimes cannot sit still and have their teeth examined. In these situations, an experienced Etobicoke sedation dentist (Dr. Mark Rhody) might be needed so your family can get the oral health care you need without being nervous or worried about pain.

The caring staff at Dr. Mark Rhody Dentistry can fill your Etobicoke sedation dentistry needs. We will meet with you prior to doing any work and put your fears to rest. It’s important to trust your dentist, especially if you are undergoing sedation.

Call Dr. Mark Rhody Dentistry to get a consultation and understand more about sedation: (416) 231-4281.

Your visits will always be relaxing

sedation dentistry in etobicokeFor some patients a visit to the dentist can be the source of great anxiety. But with Etobicoke sedation dentistry, we can make sure that your visits are as relaxing and as stress free as possible.

We practice both oral and nitrous oxide Etobicoke sedation dentistry techniques.

Taking an oral sedative is the most preferred option by our patients.Usually a pill is taken the day of the appointment, but if you are extra nervous and can’t sleep before you see the dentist, Dr. Mark Rhody sedation dentistry expert, can prescribe you a pill to take a night before so you can sleep. You are required to take a pill 1-2 hours prior to your visit and will remain sedated for several hours after your visit, so we recommend making appropriate travel arrangements to ensure that you get home safely. Oral sedatives are not an anaesthetic and often an anaesthetic injection “freezing” is used in conjunction with the oral Etobicoke sedation dentistry.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is another option. You are sedated just for the procedure (PRIOR to the freezing) and will feel back to normal at the end of the appointment and can drive yourself home. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nose cone and will quickly put you in a relaxed state. There are generally 4 stages of sedation, ranging from a slight tingling to extreme sleepiness. Depending on the amount you breathe in and the length of use, your experience with nitrous oxide will vary.

With Nitrous oxide you will remember the procedure. With an oral sedative pill you likely will not remember the entire appointment.

By offering Etobicoke sedation dentistry we can ensure that you are as relaxed as possible when you come to visit us. If you need some help getting rid of your anxieties about visiting the dentist, call us – we’ll give you the care you want.