sports guards

When your teeth need a little extra protection


sports guard in etobicoke dentistrysports guard in etobicoke dentistryIt only takes a second to cause serious trauma to your teeth. But with the proper safety gear you can protect your teeth and your jaw from chipping or tooth loss. If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw while you sleep, we even offer the proper bite appliances that will keep your teeth safe.

Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw while you sleep is called bruxism and can cause chipping and severe tooth damage. At Bloor & Islington Dental Care, we can make a custom fitted bite appliance that will prevent any damage and reduce any pain that you may feel as the result of bruxism.

For our patients who enjoy participating in contact or rough sports, we can also make a sports guard that will fit comfortably while you play. A sports guard that is custom fit to your mouth will not impede your ability to enjoy your favourite sport and will allow you to focus on your game.

If you think you suffer from bruxism or require a properly fitting sports guard, call us today!