Mouth Guards/Sports Guards

Mouth Guards/Sports Guards

Why do I need a mouth guard?

With a mouth guard, you can sleep more soundly, play a full contact sport, without damaging your teeth. There are two instances where fitted mouth guards are used the most:

  1. Sleep bruxism
  2. Full contact sports

How Mouth Guards Work

Mouth Guards/Sports Guards

When experiencing stress or concentrating you may find yourself clenching your jaw and that is normal. However, it’s an action that could damage your teeth. A mouth guard provides a layer between your teeth which will prevent them grinding together. It can help prevent injury and reduce pain associated with clenching and grinding. A fitted mouth guard made specifically for you will protect your teeth. It is more expensive than a boil and bite guard but protects your teeth better as it is custom made at a lab. It is much more comfortable as well.


Mouth Guards/Sports Guards

Awake and asleep bruxism is the act of clenching the jaw and grinding teeth while unaware of the activity. Symptoms may include locked jaw, pain or soreness in the jaw and face, chewing on the inside of your cheek, and sleep disruption (in the case of sleep bruxism). Stress, age, and some mental health or medical disorders may increase your risk of having bruxism.

Sports Guards

Mouth Guards/Sports Guards

In a full contact sport such as football/hockey you must wear protective gear on your head, shoulders, knees, and mouth. The sports guard can help prevent concussions as well as help prevent the loss or chipping of teeth. Similarly to the mouth guard a sports guard that is custom fit is more comfortable and generally lasts longer.

Dr. Mark Rhody Dentistry offers sports guards and fitted mouth guards for clenching and grinding. Call us today at (416) 231-4281 and we’ll make a comfortable, special mouth guard just for you.

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