Find the Right Dentist for Your Family

Find the Right Dentist for Your Family

Strong oral health care goes beyond brushing and flossing. Visiting the dentist for a regular exam and thorough cleaning is essential for complete oral care. Although there are likely many dentists in your area, finding one who’s right for your family is more of a challenge. When finding a dental professional to care for patients of varying ages, make sure they have the experience handling patients from the cradle to retirement (and beyond).

Searching for a Dentist

Find the Right Dentist for Your Family

● If you have moved to a new neighbourhood, ask neighbours for recommendations and contact information for local dentists.
● Do some research. List the names of dentists near you and visit their websites. Read reviews written by past patients.
● If you have children, ask other parents if their kids have a dentist they particularly like.
● If you have aging parents, ask their doctors if they recommend an oral health specialist.

Making the Decision

One of the greatest benefits of finding the right dentist for your family is that trips to the clinic are positive experiences. Lying down and having a stranger check our mouths and teeth can be intimidating, especially for children. Since the dentist is your partner in oral care, your family needs to be comfortable with that person and their entire staff.

Five Ways to Soothe Your Dental Anxiety

Here are some clues to help you find the right dentist:

● Positive Reputation – Choosing a reputable local dentist can assure that your family’s dental health is in good hands. Online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can be helpful information.
● Experience – Ask the dentist where they trained and what their philosophy of care is. Inquire about experience, specialities, and how the dentist stays on top of new technologies and approaches.
● Associations – A professional dentist is a member of a local or national dental association. Dentists who are members of dental associations have completed necessary training before becoming members.

Make an informed decision when choosing the right family dentist. For complete, caring dental services, call Dr. Mark Rhody Dentistry at (416) 231-4281. We’re happy to show you our clinic and explain how we can help everyone you love stay healthy.

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